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NRF Embrace Wall

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SAP & Microsoft

NRF Embrace Wall

For the 2020 National Retail Foundation conference (NRF), SAP & Microsoft were looking for a unique interactive experience that would feature retail stories tied to their new partnership. Working with lead marketing agency Hotfusion, Britelite set out to build a non traditional exhibit that would draw people in and break through the noise of the conference. To do this, we combined projection mapping with capacitive sensors mounted behind a fabricated gallery wall to create an enhanced interactive mural. Visitors were able to interact with four different "embrace" stories by touching multiple hotspots on the wall that triggered story animations. The use of projected capacitive sensors created pixel accurate touch zones which, upon first glance, looked and felt like an otherwise ordinary wall. Our proprietary platform, Litehouse, was leveraged for experience management, content distribution, and sensor integration.


  • SAP & Microsoft

Project Type

  • Creative Technology
  • Interactive


  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development


  • Custom Fabrication
  • Projection Mapping
  • TouchDesigner
  • Projected Capacitive Sensors

NRF The Future of Retail

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Visitors were immediately drawn to the installation and the booth drew larger crowds than any other installation on the floor. SAP and Microsoft were able to have conversations about how their technologies can be implemented into retail space and demonstrate their forward thinking use of technology to an eager audience. The show was an overwhelming success and the brand team is looking to deploy similar experiences at several other trade shows over the 2020 season.

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