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VR Experience

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VR Experience

As part of their revolutionary 2016 reopening, SFMOMA commissioned Britelite to create content experiences for several interactive screen arrays to be located in public entrances. Britelite was excited to take on this project, however, there were major challenges when trying to design for a physical space that was still under construction. We therefore created a hyper-realistic VR walk-through of the new SFMOMA that allowed the creative team to view and test content on virtual screens. Built to scale, the experience provided the design team with a first person view from the perspective of new arrivals.



Project Type

  • VR/AR
  • Creative Technology


  • Design
  • Development


  • 3D Design
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Unreal Engine


The Result

The VR experience proved to be an incredibly valuable tool for the design team. It forged new ground by allowing the content teams to test static images, video, and interactive content; wherein a virtual user’s movement mimicked Kinect motion capture interactivity. Ultimately, we tied the VR experience to the CMS we developed for the real world video walls so that users can enjoy live SFMOMA content anywhere, anytime.

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