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Octane: Rendering in Real-Time


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Lately, we've been using the Octane Render plugin for Cinema 4D and it's become a real game-changer for our 3D content development. Octane Render, made by OTOY, is the world’s first unbiased, real-time 3D render engine for Cinema 4D.


This biased system renders in real-time without sacrificing visual quality.

By nature, biased systems allow the user to preset rendering parameters, creating limits imposed by the user’s bias. In other words, you can increase speed by cutting as many corners as you choose. On the other hand, an unbiased render engine doesn’t allow for user-set parameters, rather it always automatically accounts for all of the image data available, resulting in superior quality while compromising speed. Whenever beginning a new project, we would have to decide whether a biased or unbiased engine would best suit our needs.

Then Octane Render came along...

...Instead of using your CPU to process renders, Octane is GPU accelerated. This engine uses your computer’s graphics cards, making rendering exceptionally fast. This ingenious method of adding processing power is a revolution in 3D rendering. Processing time is now 10 to 50 times faster than before, depending on the operation at hand, making it possible to have both the incredible quality of an unbiased engine plus the speed previously only available through biased systems.


Not only has it decreased our production time allowing for more output, it is also changing the nature of our workflow. Instead of being limited to a compartmentalized work structure (create, render, observe, edit as necessary, render again, and so on), we now see our creations instantly with Octane’s progressive rendering capabilities. Octane’s Live Viewer window shows updates as you make them, allowing for instant feedback. Tracking changes made in real-time makes the creative process more organic and free-flowing. With Octane, 3D Art has come full circle as rendering technology finally caught up to the need for real-time inspiration and creativity.

Octane gives us highly polished looks at incredible speeds. We are excited about the all the amazing stories we will tell with this cutting-edge rendering tool. Keep checking in for new Octane renders!


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