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Rethinking User Experiences for Social Distancing


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We have braced for and embraced the restrictions of COVID -19. It has done a number on the entertainment business but has brought out the best of creative technology, especially in the art sector. Now more than ever designers/artists must consider the personal boundaries of the end user. Here are some design/art trends that support social distancing...

Touchless Reactive Environments

The computer itself has become an interface to culture. Rather than requiring viewers to choose from a predetermined set of prerecorded outputs, the 'reactive artwork' poses a system in which viewers' actions constitute the art’s reactions. Reactive art/environments means nothing without you.

Britelite Immersive

Britelite worked with Marpi to bring a series of four reactive environments to life utilizing a combination of Microsoft Kinect, 90” Screens, and 84” interactive screens for a total of four different experiences. The installation was tied together by a series of LED curtains providing a stunning backdrop for guests to create their own moments of interactive performance art.

Moment Factory

As long time admirers of Moment Factory, we have seen some amazing projects come out of their fortitude, and none of that has changed during COVID-19. The Moment Factory R&D team combined projection mapping and tracking of real-time movement to create a unique interactive sports experience inspired by basketball.

Virtual Gatherings

The entertainment industry has seen major disruptions this year but responded by shifting toward streaming platforms. Performers of every discipline are supporting one another worldwide. For example The Weekend’s virtual concert on Tik Tok or virtual Burning Man 2020. These events were given a virtualized overhaul that gave the audience the performance they craved.

The Weekend

The Weekend’s virtual concert on tik tok is one of many virtual reality performances that has popped up during Covid-19, but with a twist of being presented on the Tik Tok platform. This performance was smart in the sense that it was made easily accessible, with the promise of an interactive and immersive performance. The vivid animations and experiences, mixed with the long awaited release of The Weekend’s new album, translated into a virtual gathering success.

Burning Man

This year, Burners from around the world were welcomed into eight digital landscapes to celebrate the 2020 Burning Man Multiverse. Britelite took advantage of this event and we all joined in. As long time burners and in general fun in VR goers, we had to see… Can Burning Man really be as fun in VR? Our answer is a resounding yes! There was just as much shenanigans in fun to be had as there would be in person.

SFMOMA VR Experience

Reactive Environments for the workplace

Even a virtual walk through can be helpful during this time. We see virtual reality being capable of bridging the isolation of quarantine by creating a team experience and function of keeping production rolling. For example: We created a hyper-realistic VR walk-through of the new SFMOMA that allowed the creative team to view and test content on virtual screens without actually being at the MOMA.

Vibe out to this SFMOMA VR Walkthrough.

There has never been a more important time in history to pivot towards creative technology for brands to engage their audience. The value seems more obvious now that we have to move towards a more touchless future, creating safer, more useful spaces with redefined audience engagement. We consider our industry to be a community and our community has really pulled together to bring some thoughtful user experiences to keep businesses lively and more exhilarating than ever in a time of need. At Britelite we are always looking for new technology and non-traditional uses of existing technology. If you are a retailer, a technology company, or otherwise interested in creating memorable experiences, please take a look at our portfolio of work and contact us!

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