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Our favorite free education resources to get you through quarantine


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At roughly thirty plus days of quarantine, it hasn’t gotten any easier to settle into it… But With the thrust of support from creative technology companies finding ways to assist the public in keeping occupied, it’s hard to escape all the inspiration. Do you have an interest in creative technology? Well to our happy surprise there are plenty of free educational tools to be offered.


From Gray Area

As patrons of Gray Area, we are always excited to see what new innovative artwork is on display or being performed, but with things on lockdown Gray Area is bringing the innovative artwork to you with Patch. Patch is a platform where anyone around the world can now participate in Gray Area’s innovative education and cultural programs.

“Refine your creative skills and learn from renowned artists & technologists.”

This platform is complete with a virtual salon, which is a virtual space for artists to meet and connect. There are so many facets of inspiration on this platform including music, so don't miss out, and sign up now!

Modular Synths Workshop next week with Ryan Smith, who makes music as @CaribouBand collaborator @TaravalMusic and runs Crowbar Corner at Gray Area.


AVIXA is opening free online training to all AV professionals through June 12th, regardless of membership level.  “We hope this will give you and your team the opportunity to learn new topics, work toward CTS certification, or earn CTS-RUs if already CTS certified, even if you are home.”

If you know anyone else who could benefit from this opportunity, please encourage them to participate at the link below. Access online training

Learn Squared

Join industry leading artists. Become a badass.

The first lesson of every Learn Squared course is totally free of charge. That's over 58 HOURS of free content. Just simply sign up for a free account and start learning.

“FREE LESSONS FOR ALL: As the world self-isolates and maintains social distancing in these unprecedented times - let's connect through creativity. We are offering access to the 1st lesson of every one of our courses for the next 60 days starting today!”


Start bringing your vision to life today with the Unity real-time 3D development platform.

“To help support you during these times, we’re committed to providing all users with three months of complimentary access to Unity Learn Premium. Just log in to start learning and click through to learn more about the platform. Free courses, projects and tutorials to get you creating with Unity”

As an added bonus Oculus & Unity Release Free VR Development Course with 20 Hours of Content!

We want to bring good news to you every week focusing on creative technology. Let us know what interests you!

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