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Britelite had the opportunity to attend CES 2020! As a creative technology company and research center we often turn to emerging technology to be the center pieces of our projects, and CES keeps us a tone to what we will soon be utilizing, and gives us clear production examples from the world’s best futurists. With prestigious keynote speakers and artful presentations CES is an annual must attend for us.

CES typically sets the tone of trends for tech that we expect to see each year, but this year CES felt more like a futurists walk through of what’s to come over the next twenty five years…


LG’s amazing wave display at its CES booth

LG’s wave display was by far the largest showstopper at CES2020. The intense immersive experience is baffling due to its grand size, clarity, but also the realization that the wave display means curved TVs. It features 200 55-inch OLED TVs, 128 of which are curved. Check it out:

Have you made it to 4k?

Sony’s new televisions aim to deliver the most immersive viewing experience in their class, with evolving technologies and premium large screens, made to deliver content the way creators intended. Have you made it to 4k yet though? Well Sony is making sure that you will want to jump straight to 8k. Here are the highlights of Sony’s new series of T.V.’s.

Samsung’s New Vertical 4K TV ROTATES | CES 2020

With social media and youtube on the rise for the most views (ahem beating out standard t.v. shows) it makes sense that Samsung created a rotating 4k TV ‘Sero’. Sophisticated and unique, Sero is designed to be paired and used with your smartphone.


Atom View

The future of production is looking virtual with the Atom View: A Virtual Production Technology using 3D Volumetric Capture. Showcasing their new Atom View technology with the aid of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, Sony displayed the background of a set changing in real time with the movement of the camera, ensuring the final image has the proper perspective and depth. Here is a little more on the atom view:

Holographic display
3D Spatial Reality Display Technology

This is the holographic display we have all been hoping for. Sony showed its strengths in combining technologies at this year’s CES, and we have now surpassed the princess leia hologram moment in Star Wars thanks to Sony. To simply put it, Sony integrated sophisticated high-speed vision sensors and face recognition algorithms to a light field display and it was magic to see. It can be easily applied to VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) content, providing a versatile volumetric content creation environment to creators in various fields such as entertainment and product design.


The best surprise of CES? The Sony car.

Sony made a car? Yes! The Vision-S, an electric concept car focused on “safety, entertainment, and adaptability.” It incorporates Sony’s automotive-focused imaging technology, and is surrounded by an array of sensors creating a “Safety Cocoon,” with a 360-degree view of its environment and any potential hazards.

Hyundai’s flying cars

Is this real life? Being desensitized by all that CES has to offer, I almost walked past the Hyundai section, until I saw the impressively huge Uber x Hyundai flying taxi at CES. The Jetsons future is feeling very real at the moment and it is said to be a service that could be up and running by 2023.

The vehicle is designed to fly for up to 60 miles and has a cruising speed of 180 miles per hour. Uber says it hopes to begin demonstration flights this year.

Audi Intelligence Experience: the empathetic car

This was a noteworthy experience — not only were we impressed by the empathetic car, but we were impressed with the presentation. It was a 360 projection wrapped car, displaying the demo on the inside of the car, giving a fully immersive presentation along with scents to match the scenic drive. Cobalt Industries x Audi presented an experience that felt achievable, with smart homes and connectivity on the rise, this car was a perfect example of where we should already be. The “Audi Intelligence Experience ” shows how it’s done: The car knows its user and their habits and uses intelligent functions combined with artificial intelligence to increase the passengers’ safety, wellbeing, and comfort. After a short time, the empathetic Audi is familiar with the user’s preferences and implements them autonomously.

There is plenty more to write about from CES 2020 — AI is paving the way for smart cities, collaborative technologies are becoming the future instead of the hoaky upgrade of the same tech, and we will be featuring all of this in a series of upcoming blogs. To keep up with our blogs, check in with us on Instagram where we post our latest updates!

When we look to grand events like CES to navigate us towards what to expect in the future, I think many people expect what’s on display to already be finalized, when in reality these are working concepts being displayed in technologically advanced ways.

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